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     Following the Faith & Knowledge Program,1st edit. Book Published & Website Est., This paper was the 1st article written for this Website. It's loaded with Secret Intelligence Personnel Sources who Decided to  Disclose Certain Hidden-Truths Concerning the USA post 9/11.

NASA : A Reprehensible Organization

Distance of the Moon

       Looking at the Blue Marble (Earth) it would appear roughly 12,000 mi. wide. Therefore,  the moon 20+ X's farther from the Earth (240,000mi) though it regularly appears by the Earth's side in every picture or video ever made.

        With so many lies it seems plausible to refrain from believing anything NASA claims.

🌍  ⬅ Earth  (Roughly 12,000 wide)                                                      Moon ➡ 🌑

We're use to close-proximity pictures, but below is how the Earth & Moon would appear of the Moon was 240,000 mi from the Earth as claimed by NASA  (calculations altered for reduced size scale).


        A massive ball of fire , hydrogen to be exact. Our Sun is a Yellow star and is as big as 1.3 million planet Earth's. It'll run-out of fuel in 5 million years (that's convenient, nobody will be around to witness this false theory) and when it does, it expands 100 X's from its original size ...What!!??

      This photograph of the Son of God watching over mankind is 'apparently' entirely insignificant. We're mere microscopic specs in comparison to the vastness of the universe; just ask Carl Sagan, he was on a mission to eliminate God.


       The Electrical Birth,
       Life & Death of Stars

"We've arranged a global civilization which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We've also arranged things so that almost nobody understands science or technology. We might get away with it for awhile but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow-up in our faces ."  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ➖ Carl Sagan

The Time Has Long Come but Not Gone to Consider the Plasma Universe Theory

  "We've Been Lied to on the Largest Possible Scale"

1)   "Mass reorganization. of all this is not in the interest of the dark Cabal, so they keep coercing humanity with well planned manipulations and blindfolding even our best human flavor; imagination. Sad, but we seem to live in the biggest global lie in the human history."   

2)    "Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.

       The scientists’ religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."                                                                                                                                                                                                              ➖  Albert Einstein

The Death of Modern Science:

Page 4 Consciousness, truly spells the death of science for so many scientists & doctors who laugh at the non-physical world, but it's they who're being laughed at now. As more technology is released to us, we can investigate more claims for ourselves and the ridiculous claims by NASA along w/their blatantly fake videos creates so much distrust, therefore, why belief anything we're told, particularly by NASA?  S.P.

1.A:  Noticeable, for most Surprising, Quotes Below  (X6/7)

For more on Ancient History visit Page 5 Human Origins

. Image result for star trails

      With our Solar System traveling through space at unthinkable speeds, not to mention, different speeds and directions from other objects like the stars, it wouldn't be feasible for stars to retain exact positions year after year. Even with a 2-dimensional background these trails wouldn't exist never-mind realistic 3-dimensional space with stars at different distances behind each-other.

 Note: There are scenarios of our Luciferian Ruling-Class utilizing NASA to eliminate God however, Project Blue Beam below is just one example. 


     A Method the Financial-Elite Ruling Class (Secret Societies, Freemasons, Zionists, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, Rothschild Family and other International Bankers, etc.) to combat the Information Age which allows the common person to research and investigate sources with far more accuracy than before, is to engage in Disinformation Campaigns.

     Yes, companies alike Google are attempting to gain total control over the web to control the flow of information and Cable Companies have even begun regulating the total number of websites its customers can visit, which is something we MUST fight against; yet, in the meantime, a common method to confuse the public is to overflow the amount of information with much that it entirely false. (made-up).

     Allan Greer who appears above is seemingly fighting the status-quo of fake science, fake media, and a ruthless New World Order. The average citizen in the dark may actually learn something concerning how deceitful this ruling class of rich are, though, this deception Greer presents is intended for those such as ourselves, who're already aware of the evil N.W.O. in the hopes our investigations will be sidetracked by false information; perhaps if exposed as false it'll place the label of Conspiracy Nut upon us.

      Greer is a homosexual and agent of the Rockefeller family.

But What Do I Know?

and Stop Using the Double-Slit Experiment...

    People love to point-out the Double-Slit experiment to prove our consciousness effects atoms at a quantum level. Nonetheless, what many don't realize is this experiment cannot been seen with human eyes no matter how powerful the microscope being utilized is. 

   Its calculated through pre-programmed numbers, equations, and technology; nobody actually bears-witness to the wall with 2 slots we see in the recreation diagrams.


.  Therefore, this could be further mainstream junk, or could have major significance, but we truly at this time know nothing concerning this matter.

Click to Enlarge

Masonic Goal:  Confuse the populace and install comprehension of the existence of men/women with far superior intellect who have it all figured-out.

   Click to Enlarge

Theory vs. Fact

      Unfortunately, what many Americans fail to apprehend is that almost every theory of Astronomy is just that - a theory. The most problematic concern I have with modern science is the constant correcting of theories or facts years after the previous claim. Almost anything presented as fact, thereafter, will be corrected within coming years. When referring to our universe, virtually everything is merely a theory, and people must comprehend this. When a scientist states a Nebula is  (like the Orion Nebula)  a Star Factory where stars are born; this is simply a theory.

        More disheartening, is when these theories become implanted within schoolbooks. All across our nation are college kids being groomed for the next generational shift and they're taught an abundance of false theories which they perceive as facts; facts discovered by super-intelligent physicists, and etcetera. 


Cures for Cancer...


     Doctor Royal Raymond Rife in the 1920's invented a medicine that would attack cancerous tumors, but was shut down by Morris Fishbein, head of the American Medical Association which was and still is founded primarily through David Rockefeller and like all businesses in our Capitalist system, operates for profit. The F.B.I.  busted into Rife's laboratory and removed everything.

Others who came-up with an effective cure....

               - Reine Caisse was a woman who had an effective formula against cancer.

               - Harey Hoxsey and Max Gerson also had remedies which worked.

     The AMA have slandered these good peoples names and nowadays when someone attempts to research these individuals they'll be confronted with flat-out lies, making these should be heroes into quacks.

D.C. Electricity as a Cure for Cancer

Erik Cabuy published a 20 pg. PDF online in 2012, here's the Introduction, 

               "Electrochemical therapy (EChT), also named low-level direct electric current therapy, has been suggested in the past as a therapeutic potential in local cancer treatment. It involves using destructive electrolysis induced by direct electric current passing through two or more electrodes inserted in or near the tumor. This creates a large pH change which leads to cell death. Additional contributory factors in tissue destruction have been reported, although their respective roles are not fully understood. Several studies on animal tumor models have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of EChT. Very few clinical trials have been published and EChT treatment is generally not established in the clinics. Nevertheless, EChT is currently available in some countries, mainly in China and Germany, but is almost exclusively being used for palliative treatment of advanced stages of tumors incurable by any other intervention. This review is meant as a general overview and first introduction to EChT."

            Doctors and Authors have published "mostly unknown" books on this technology and personal clinical trials.

      Cures for Cancer & Clinton's Email's

     Fox News and other outlets have millions of follower's, primarily the Baby-Boomer Generation, who listened to talk about Clinton's emails but never once thought to ask, "what information was in them?"

     The media continued mentioning these email for months, blocking-out real news they could be sharing with the public, yet they never once mentioned what she had written!

     In H. Clinton's emails were conversations with her Big-Pharma Mafia, and there blocking of a Cure for Cancer which is already regularly prescribed in Japan with positive results!

      This cure involves the Honey from a rare species of Bee's, only found in Brazil.

Problematic Issue:

      Americans must realize: The powers which control the AMA are the same people who control Pharmaceuticals. There's a trillion dollar business insuring that we continue to get diseases that require their pharmaceuticals!

       Recently, in California citizens openly protested against a planned 'large chemical  spraying' over a great stretch of land. Because of the people outside protesting, a judge ordered the spraying to be cancelled. This is an important example of 'the power of the people' which Americans must take heed to, because we're losing our Constitutional Rights and if that continues on the same pace it has since 2001, then we'll be imprisoned for protesting. The power of Protesting must be utilized more and protected from ever being taken-away from us.


Click to watch/download video

Whether true or not, a

Freemason once claimed:

Some of the Astronomical numbers taught by NASA weren't the result of mathematical science, but merely established by the members of a London

Lodge through ritualistic numbers. Still not convince, well, visit Pg. 2 for more on NASA, Star Trails, etc.

Examining Modern Psychiatry




 "Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."               

                                                                                                                                                                                                ➖  Nikola Tesla

          NASA news, it's all politics; just like the ongoing global warming claims/debates.

             article from: www.ucsusa.org

         "Dr. James E. Hansen, the top climate scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), believes that the world has little time to waste in reversing its current trend toward global warming. In late 2005, however, Dr. Hansen's ability to voice his concerns about global warming was severely compromised by NASA public affairs officials. After he called on the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a December 2005 lecture, Dr. Hansen found that NASA officials began reviewing and filtering public statements and press interviews in an effort to limit his ability (as well as that of other government scientists) to publicly express scientific opinions that clashed with the Bush administration’s views on global warming.

      While Dr. Hansen's scientific standing is unquestionable—he was described by CBS' 60 Minutes as "arguably the world's leading researcher on global warming"¹—administration officials found some of his conclusions politically inconvenient. In a lecture at the December 2005 meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Dr. Hansen argued that the earth will become "a different planet" without U.S. leadership in cutting global greenhouse gas emissions.² This position conflicted with the Bush administration's policy of opposing mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. In January 2006, NASA publicized data showing that 2005 was likely the warmest year in over a century.

         In January 2006, Dr. Hansen told Andrew Revkin of the New York Times that he was warned of "dire consequences" if he continued to make similar statements."

                                 I stated years ago that Global Warming was a political debate and its aim was to force a world-wide tax

                             on all of Earth's inhabitants. Whereupon, most people don't perceive paying this tax yet the truth is that

                           it's already occurring right-now. Each Nation is forced into paying a Global Warming Tax to the United

                           Nations (U.N.). I assume this goes directly into the pockets of the world's top bankers such as the House

                             of Rothschild who founded the U.N. on Oct. 24, 1945. ➖ S.P.

                Surprising facts which cause conspiracies against NASA:

      Cellular Phones don't commonly implore satellites in orbit to operate. Nor, does the internet utilize satellites to distribute information. 99% of all global technology travels via International Cables lying on the ocean floors traveling from America to Europe, etcetera. For all the talk about the "cloud," practically all of the data shooting around the world actually relies on a series of tubes for distribution. A massive system of fiber-optic cables lying deep underneath the oceans. This network connects every continent with the exception of Antarctica; relaying e-mails, photos, videos and emoji around the globe.

The New York Times (not a reliable source, however) reported recently:

       Russians submarines and spy ships are "aggressively operating" near the undersea cables that are the backbone of the global Internet — worrying some U.S. intelligence and military officials who fear the Russians may sabotage them if a conflict arises, the New York Times reports.

                     - Unfortunately, we don't know the truth! This could merely be intentionally false information concerning Russia to keep them as our enemy (to eventually prepare for war) and install fear into the America populace. President Trump has been forced to withhold any type of good relationship with Putin, as the media constantly bashes Putin and spreads lies about Russia. The mainstream media and its superiors feared President Trump was on the verge of accomplishing rational peace with the Russians, who should be our allies against Islam and the Ruling Class; therefore, they began a completely fake smear campaign against Putin/Russia which continues to be ongoing through our television networks daily, and sadly tens-of-millions of Americans continue to get and believe their national news in this manner. People need to take a break from their busy lives an pay attention to the truth!        ➖  S.P.

NASA and other scientific frauds don't alter facts due to new

technologies but alter facts upon the exposing of their hoaxes

Titled: Theoretical Astronomy  from Lady Blount 1905

           We, the people, are taught astronomy is an exact science Therefore, let us be *certain. Copernicus computed the distance of the Sun from us to be 5,391,200 miles: Kepler reckoned it to be 12,376,800 miles; Ricciola, 27,360,000 miles; Newton said it did not matter whether we reckoned it 28 or 54 millions of miles; for he said that, either would do well; Benjamin Martin, in his Introduction to the Newtonian Philosophy, in 1754, says that its distance is between 81 and 82 millions of miles; fifty years ago, schoolboys were taught that it was just 81 millions; in Orr's Circle of the Sciences, H. Breen, Esq. says it is more than 82 and A half millions; in 1784, Thomas Dilworth says 93,726,900; modern, school-books, over which children now spend their playful energies and enfeeble their bodies, give us the distance as 95 millions of miles; Mr. Hind has stated that, positively, it is 95,298,260; and, according to a writer in the Telegraph of November the 30th, Gilliss and Gould' state that It is more than 96 millions, and Mayer more than I04.millions of miles! 00 much for "Knowledge" falsely so called. But, perhaps, it will be imagined by some fond, parent who is desirous that their children, may be educated in this very "exact science," of Astronomy,

                                                                                                 More on Great Distances and Masonic ideology at bottom of page.

Ancient Tibetans

       In modern society, many would turn this man off' after he begins by saying he no longer believes in evolution (of Cosmology) in virtue of the Bible. A program like this would never be aired on television. 

       Now the Bible doesn't explain the universe but merely tells us that God designed it; for many people this is enough. Yes, we should still examine all aspects of its design and operation if this ability is available, but to remove God from its design when reaching the point of substantial learning is probably irresponsible, never-mind ruling Him out when we know so little.

        Even if NASA was correct about everything they've claimed, which so far they've been wrong about 95% of their claims, we'd still know not anywhere even close to enough to begin to rule out God.

And Their Beliefs in the Hollow Earth.

No claims of truth being made here. Merely airing the interesting beliefs of this ancient Tibetan theory of a Hollow Earth.

Great Distances

    The heroes of the Freemason's (God haters, population haters & Satan worshipers) beginning with men like Pythagoras, and ending with Copernicus, Newman, and Einstein; removed the earth from the center of the universe and established a round earth which seems uncontroversial. Nonetheless, this ruling-class has lied to the populace concerning almost every statement they've ever claimed and this makes non-debatable events rightly debatable. Therefore, many learned men and women have recently come forward to state the absurdity of Theoretical Sciences (90% of Astronomy) as they believe most facts about even our earth have merely been told in order to eliminate God, Heaven, and our purpose of an important human-existence; while working towards an end-goal of establishing Masonic Luciferianism. Subsequently, each common sense question is responded with more and more absurd answers.

e.g.   Q: If the Earth is a spinning ball traveling billions of miles per/day, all the while keeping its exact orbit with the Sun (Additionally, the moon and hundreds of man-made satellites with the earth) (Furthermore, another 7 planets and 5 dwarf planets consisting of 181 moons which don't merely keep orbit with the sun but the exact size orbit; although, traveling in another direction to keep pace with the earth;. The moons must accomplish this feat w/the planets and the sun.). then why are the stars in the same position indefinitely?

          A: Well, they must be a minimum of  one-quadrillion miles away.   ...Does this honestly sound like truth?

           Of 'course, we have telescopes with eye-pieces (lenses) that can multiply our vision 100+X's and the stars continue to appear small. Therefore, they must be small correct? (A:) NASA says No. The reason why the stars don't appear larger is because they're thousand's of light-years away, and the reason  we know they're such great distances is because they remain small, because really the stars are unthinkably magnanimous in size. Our own sun is over 1,000 X's the earth's size and some stars are this much larger than our sun!

          See how the answers continue in their absurdity? Perchance, there's a simple

solution to this equation which doesn't require pseudo-mathematics placing

numerous unnecessary zero's at the end of each number to appear only

decipherable by genius' ..,.

         Perhaps, the stars are very small and bright....and closer than we're told.

AstroNOT Tim Peake

       These videos below weren't produced by the Verity Outlet, yet they're a collection of multiple sources exposing NASA lies to the public; including the utilization of a Blue-Screen  (or Green-Screen)  to act out a scene of Astronauts falsely being onboard the International Space Station as G. Bush Sr. takes a tour of the sophistical astronomy facility owned by NASA.

 It's all a big act! We never thought anyone could go through so much work bearing-witness and constantly lying, because how could you have

any respect for yourself? They worship the Television

as the greatest Propaganda Machine in history.

Commoners would never look at TV in such

a way, but now we're forced to by these low-life's.

NASA Exposed Using Wires

Credit and thanks: Crow777

News in Psychology

     270 Scientists re-ran 100 studies published in the top psychology journals in 2008. Only half the studies could be replicated successfully..

Faking the International Space Station. It has become undoubtedly clear that NASA fakes the 

                                                                                  videos of Astronauts supposedly onboard the ISS videos.

If this article (⬆ fails to appear - reload page without scrolling down until completely loaded. The Verity Outlet requires devices which support high memory. Roughly 1 GB will be utilized when accessing the library.

Redeeming Truth Science Featuring:

[MP4 X38]

1.A Hidden but True Quotes

2.A  NASA Hoaxes

3.A Over Info. Campaign

3.B  Double-Split Experiment  

3.C Einstein's Triumph

4.A Psychology

5.A  Plasma (Electric) Cosmology

6.A  Cures for Cancer

6.B  H. Clinton's Emails

7.A Global Warming Tax

8.A  Publishing of Fake Science Journals

9.A  Bible, The

9.B  Theosophy

10. Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion

X.  New! Occult in Science

XL.  Flat Earth Debate is Real!

      Bogus journals being used to publish fake science
        16 Aug 2018 10 Fake news
         by John E Dunn

If post-truth has an alarming ring to it, try to imagine a world full of fake science – fake science that is incredibly hard to distinguish from the real thing.

According to a DEF CON presentation written up by Motherboard that would sound like the outline for an amusing Sacha Baron Cohen satire if it wasn’t so serious, such fake science is already upon us.

It seems that thousands of scientists and companies across the world want the credibility boost from having research published, and a cottage industry of bogus publishers has sprung up to service this need – for a fee of course.

Analysing the 175,000 articles published by “predatory journals”, journalists Svea Eckert, Till Krause, and Online Privacy Foundation co-founder Chris Sumner, counted hundreds of papers from academics at leading universities as well as volumes promoted by pharmaceutical and tobacco companies.

This isn’t just vanity publishing, however – after studying two major sites in the sector, they discovered tens of thousands of abstracts for fake scientific papers, including 15,000 from India and 13,000 that originated from the US.

In the last decade, these sites alone had even received 162 papers from Stanford, 153 from Yale, 96 from Columbia, and 94 from Harvard.

It’s likely that several slightly different things are going on here. Some academics might be paying sites to cite research that might not pass strict peer review in order to boost their reputations.

That’s bad news: if scientific research hasn’t passed peer review then making it look as if it has is deceptive, regardless of the motive.

                  Others might be doing it to aid the credibility of research sponsored by companies in order to obscure a

                  conflict of interest.

                 There may also be some research that is entirely fictitious, a sort of CV padding used to aid 

                 employment or gain credit.

                 Testing the system, the researchers submitted a fake paper to one site that was subsequently published.

                  The companies publishing this stuff even run pretend conferences to generate a veneer of respectability                   for what they are doing, as the researchers found when they turned up to present a “bullshit” paper at a

                  bogus two-hour conference – one of thousands run each year by one publisher alone.

                  An important moment came in 2016 when the FTC in the US filed charges against one of the companies 

                  involved in the deception, OMICS Group. The rap sheet wasn’t pretty:

              OMICS does not tell researchers that they must pay significant publishing fees until after it has accepted an

                  article for publication, and often will not allow researchers to withdraw their articles from submission,

                  thereby making the research ineligible for publication in another journal.

             This would suggest that at least some of the academics who get involved with the company are being naïve,

                   lured by the promise of easy publication.

                The counter argument is that predatory publishing is a form of scientific pollution that should be cleaned

                    up before it does real damage.

                    As fake news has taught us, the risk is not only that some people become confused about what is real

                    science and what isn’t, but also that they start mistrusting legitimate sources."

                                                              ➖ https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2018/08/16/bogus-journals-being-used-to-publish-fake-science

        Firstly, they've been caught lying on a grand scale concerning an invariableness of situations; therefore, how could we trust anything they say? They design fake missions all the time under the guise of requiring millions of dollars in government funds. (taxes + %, meaning the Fed gets there cut).

        We must ask the question, Why in a democracy of the people, would our federal government order every public school across the nation to air the Challenger launch to their students?

         This has never occurred prior to this event? In addition, NASA had already supposedly performed 100+ launches, therefore, what was so special about this launch if not the planned explosion?      S.P.

p.s. Many believe there's never any astronauts onboard of NASA's rockets which some people neither believe reach outer-space.

              Space Shuttle Challenger was the second orbiter of NASA's space shuttle program to be put into service following Columbia. The shuttle was built by Rockwell International's Space Transportation Systems Division in Downey, California. The shuttle exploded on live television 73 seconds after lift-off on January 28, 1986, resulting in the death of all seven crew members, including a civilian school teacher.   Hard to believe it could truly  be all lies?   When we research the crew online we uncover numerous sources showing updated photos of the presently alive crew members! But why would NASA lie?

The "Dead" Crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger

Matthew 10:25-26 KJV

25  It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?

26  Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Image result for dead alive space shuttle challenger crew

Image result for dead alive space shuttle challenger crew

Image result for dead alive space shuttle challenger crew

 Michael Thomas

Published on Jul 5, 2015

        NASA 1986 doomed challenger crew is still alive and well. MORE NASA and government deception. NASA has faked space walks, Earth pictures and footage, and the Deaths of Astronauts. What is to gain by this? But look at it this way, even though they faked the death of the Astronauts, and gave them all new lives, they are still alive and well, and that is a good thing.

        However the mystery behind the destruction of the space shuttle is still unresolved. Was it about money, forcing budget increase, or getting rid of a shuttle that was a piece of crap? Who knows. But it was a property crime.

Related image

     Internet photographs prove nothing by themselves but remain an important piece of the puzzle of truth. 

      When viewing pictures of Ronald McNair, his head seems to consistently be tilted in the same direction as his original 1986 Astronaut photographs. Although, this screams 'photo shop' this isn't the case for the remaining members.

     Furthermore, the recent photos of Ronald McNair are supposedly of his brother Carl McNair, but is this simply his new identity?

Related image

Related image

Image result for fake science

Image result for fake science

     Argumentative Quotes from a Theosophist

           "The materialistic interpretation of the world had thereby entered the stage where it declared itself to be unassuming as far as the life of the soul is concerned. It admitted its “ignorance” (agnosticism). It is true that it declared its intention of remaining “scientific” and of not having recourse to other sources of knowledge, but on the other hand it did not want to ascend with its means to a higher world-conception. In recent times Raoul Francé, a scientist, has shown in comprehensive fashion the inadequacy of scientific results for a higher world-conception This is an undertaking to which we would like to refer again on another occasion. The facts now steadily increased which showed the impossibility of the attempt to build up a science of the soul on the investigation of material phenomena. Science was forced to study certain “abnormal” phenomena of the life of the soul like hypnotism, suggestion, somnambulism. It became apparent that in the face of these phenomena a materialistic view is completely inadequate for a truly thinking person."

         _"A stark contrast to this view was presented by those who, relying on unquestionable facts, declared that a “struggle for existence” had been spoken of in cases where it did not even exist. They wanted to demonstrate that nothing could be explained by it. They spoke of an “impotence of natural selection.” Moreover, in the last years de Vries was able to show experimentally that changes of one life-time into another can occur by leaps, mutation. With this, what was regarded as a firm article of faith by the Darwinists, namely that animal and plant forms change only gradually, was shaken. More and more the ground on which one had built for decades simply disappeared beneath one's feet. Even earlier, thinking scientists had realized that they had to abandon this ground; thus W. H. Rolph, who died young, in 1884 declared in his book, Biologische Probleme, zugleich als Versuch zur Entwicklung einer rationellen Ethik (Biological Problems, with an Attempt at the Development of Rational Ethics): “Only through the introduction of insatiability does the Darwinian principle of the struggle for life become acceptable.

         _"It is only natural that in view of these facts the judicious confess to themselves: “The materialistic universe of thought is not fit for the construction of a world-conception. If we base ourselves on it, we cannot say anything about mental and spiritual phenomena.” Today there are already numerous scientists who seek to erect a structure of the world for themselves, based on quite different ideas. One need only recall the work of the botanist, Reineke, Die Welt als Tat (The World as Deed). However, it becomes apparent that such scientists have not been trained with impunity amidst purely materialistic ideas. What they utter from their new idealistic standpoint is inadequate, can satisfy them for a while, but not those who look more deeply into the enigmas of the world."

                                                                                                                                                             Rudolph Steiner

Click the Bottom-Right corner of videos to enlarge screen. 

*(Bottom-Right Video) Space Walks filmed in NASA's training Pool.

Image result for anti science quotes

Image result for anti science quotes

Really?    During the thousand year reign of the Catholic Church warfare was nonexistent in Europe when compared to the scientific era. The American Civil War produced 630,000+ deaths, a figure unthinkable to people prior to this war. As science and  weaponry grew, the World Wars produced tens-of-millions of death and the Atomic bomb forever scarred Japan. As for education: nuns were the first women to be educated within western culture and nowadays our children are not merely taught falsities but falsities on purpose under the guise of science.

Image result for anti science quotes

Image result for anti science quotes

Image result for anti science quotes

Related image

Image result for anti science quotes

Blue Marble via Hubble, or Not

45 Seconds of  Footage

From The Verity Outlet,

          "Scientific Knowledge and education through new and updated experimentalism is currently one of the greatest aspects of humanity.

           Unfortunately for the human race our ruling-class corrupts every prosperous element of human progression. The mortem of modern science has now overcame the 20th century perspective of science producing non-debatable facts published throughout school-systems and all other aspects of civilization; whereupon, Einstein was once quoted saying, "Mass reorganization. of all this is not in the interest of the Dark Cabal", meaning falsities remain indoctrinated into the minds of our populace (particularly alarming for our Youth) years after happening-upon being proven erroneous.  Whereas, resulting from this distrust in combination with the advanced scientific studies throughout the fields of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, theosophists such as Rudolph Steiner and related philosophies and material is forcing a paradigm shift into a Spiritual beliefs and ancient practices solidifying themselves as acceptable mainstream sciences.

           Though, for many Western leaders, these beliefs already exist in a sinister nature. Therefore, the reason of keeping the populace blind to their ownership of a soul in the human nervous system and to their own theosophical doctrine which is a satanic approach to the metaphysical/spiritual world; they continue forcing science which merely dictates laws of nature with no valid truth in anything beyondthese physical limitations."

                                        Shaun Prario

Anti-Mainstream Science Societies of Interest:

[1]     The Creation Research Society Quarterly has been published since July, 1964.

                           Creation Matters containing popular level articles has been published bi-monthly since 1996. CRS has also published an assortment of special papers, monographs and books. Creationist publications have been criticized by scientists, such as Massimo Pigliucci,[10] as "nonsense" in their attempt to blend faith with empirical fact. Glenn R. Morton is an author of more than 20 articles published by CRS in an attempt to "solve scientific problems" of creationism.[11] Morton later left the creationist movement complaining "The reaction to the pictures, seismic data, the logic disgusted me. They were more interested in what I sounded like than in the data!".

Image result for flat earth map

Henceforth, I ask you, "are Flat Earth Believer's crazy or just people who won't believe gravity will allow them to jump into the air, but quintillions of tons of water won't fall when upside down?"

A SUSPICIOUS LOGO FOR the United Nations.  Firstly, it appears exactly like a Flat Earth Map. Secondly, it contains 33 (Freemasonry) sectors of the Earth above . Thirdly, it's surrounded with the Laurel Wreath of Olive branches marking victory.

Well, I Now Suppose Flat Earth-er's aren't Entirely crazy!! 

        I understand their logic: forget what you've been told, because everything you've been told is all lies, particularly, from NASA. Therefore why would this be any different. It's not too grand of a lie, because the most successful lies have been unbelievably bold and completely opposite from the truth.

             As a result, the Flat-Earther's simply form their conclusions from what they're able to witness and prove on your own. Why are stars supposedly thousands of light-yrs. away and all different distances which results in a far less likely chance they'd always appear within the same location in our night sky?

            People require others knowledge to aid them in the comprehension of many aspects of life....but who can we truly rely on?

The Flat Earth theory must be false-logic, right? ....

       Some explorers have reported seeing nothing but huge ice walls for many miles which they could never get around when travelling to Antarctica. Using this Flat Earth "Round Map" representation above, no matter where people travel south on a globe -they'll run into Antarctica or should I say - the Flat Earth Ice Wall?

    Remember, our Solar System has hundreds of Moons which remain in perfect orbits around their planets as well.

NASA Claims:

➖ Total earth speed through space is about: 1,860,000 MPH (516 mi. p/second).

➖ The rotational speed of the Earth at the equator is about 1,038 miles per hour. 

Image result for un logo  photo

           Einstein's Theory of Relativity, full paradigm shift has taken over 100 years!

 Online Article:     "The discovery of gravitational waves, announced earlier this year, marked the ultimate test of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Einstein published his theory in the form of 10 abstract equations 101 years ago. The equations did away with Newton’s theory of gravity and replaced it with curved space and warped time.

Within weeks, Karl Schwarzschild found a solution to Einstein’s equations. His conclusion was astonishing and almost unbelievable: it told us that time depends on altitude and that matter can create holes where space and time come to an end.

     A few months later, Einstein himself found a solution to his own equations. This solution described waves in the curvature of spacetime that would ripple out at the speed of light whenever masses accelerated around each other.

     For its first half-century, Einstein’s theory was controversial. Were the waves real or mere mathematical artefacts? Do gravitational waves deposit energy? Are the black holes hypothesised by astronomers the same black holes that Schwarszchild predicted, or are they some other very dense agglomerations of matter?

     Over the past 40 years the evidence has mounted that gravitational waves actually exist and that black holes are the real thing. Thousands of physicists believed the theory well enough to devote years inventing technology for making the exquisitely sensitive detectors required to prove the theory.

     Yet when the waves were finally discovered, it still came as a shock. The shock was to suddenly know what for years had been a belief and a hope.

     Suddenly we knew that the waves existed; we knew that our detectors could actually detect them and that the black holes out there are precisely the holes predicted by Schwarszchild. The discovery removed all remaining doubt that Einstein’s description of space, time and gravity is the best way we have of understanding the universe.

     The first gravitational “sounds” detected revealed an unexpected number of very heavy black holes colliding throughout the universe. These discoveries are only explainable using Einsteinian thinking.
Scientific masterpiece

     So 2016 is surely the year when Newtonian physics was consigned to the history books, to be replaced by Einsteinian physics.

When, then, does Newtonian physics – with its absolute time, fixed space and lack of gravitational waves – still dominates the school physics curriculum in most countries? Why aren’t Newton’s theories supplemented with Einstein’s more general ones to give students insight into our present best understanding of our universe?"

Sophistical Science

Sophistical Science Book/Article Library:

Apollo Hoax  _by Dave Cosnette • 16 pg.
Science Shows Man-Made Climate Control is a Fraud • 2 Pg.
Inside the Fake Science Factory _by E. Krause • 176 Pg.
Fake Publisher's Ruining Science, The _by Alan Burdick PDF by S. Prario • 4 Pg.
Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience_ by Beyerstein • 50 Pg.
Fake News and Fake Science _by Benjamin Schaefer • 11 Pg.
Fake Science of Misleading Claims of Health Benefits from Supplements _by the A.P.A. • 11 Pg.

Greatest Lie Ever Told, The - The Earth Is Not A Spinning Globe _by E. Henrie - 640 Pg.

We Never Went to the Moon _by Bill Kaysing • 76 Pg.

Also Below on Page:

Fake Science - Exposing the Left's Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts....   _by Austin Rose ◾ Publ. 2017 • 235 pg.

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This video has received 3.4 million

views on You Tube since its release.


NASA's spacecraft satellite (DSCOVR) was claimed to be one-million mi. distance from the moon whence capturing this footage.

[1]   "This image from the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a unique view of the Moon as it moved in front of the sunlit side of Earth in 2015. It shows a view of the farside of the Moon, which faces the Sun, that is never directly visible to us here on Earth. I found this perspective profoundly moving and only through our satellite views could this have been shared." 

   - Michael Freilich, Director NASA Earth

                                              Science Division

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[2]     "EPIC’s “natural color” images of Earth are generated by combining three separate monochrome exposures taken by the camera in quick succession. EPIC takes a series of 10 images using different narrowband spectral filters -- from ultraviolet to near infrared -- to produce a variety of science products. The red, green and blue channel images are used in these color images._


Statements Released by N.A.S.A.

  _Combining three images taken about 30 seconds apart as the Moon moves produces a slight but noticeable camera artifact on the right side of the Moon. Because the Moon has moved in relation to the Earth between the time the first (red) and last (green) exposures were made, a thin green offset appears on the right side of the Moon when the three exposures are combined. This natural lunar movement also produces a slight red and blue offset on the left side of the Moon in these unaltered images."


NASA/NOAA - Published: January 30, 2018


Image result for Fake NASA FRaud videos

     "The first transatlantic telephone cable, from Scotland to Newfoundland (1956). The system provided 36 telephone circuits. Similar undersea systems between Port Angeles, Wash., and Ketchikan, Alaska, and between California and Hawaii were later put into service. A 5,300-nautical-mile (9,816-kilometre) cable between Hawaii and Japan (1964) provided 128 voice circuits; the same number of circuits were provided in 1965 by a cable linking the United States and France. Newer cables use transistorized repeaters and provide even more voice circuits; some are capable of transmitting television programs."

                        ➖ Encyclopedia Britannica

Image result for Fake NASA FRaud videos

    <any claim all satellites don't exist, perchance, not entirely fake, nonetheless, people must realize that 99% of all cell-phone communication and GPS signals are transmitted through the under-sea cables, (Trans-Atlantic, Pacific, etc.), and Cell Towers without utilizing satellites whatsoever.

This Site Above Retains All Proven Truths, Facts & Debunking; Below Features the Top Conspiracy Subjects/Debates Currently Highly-Active In Western Society.

[2]    Van Andel Creation Research Center.

              The Society established the Van Andel Creation Research Center in Chino Valley, Arizona, with funding from the Jay and Betty Van Andel Foundation.[12] The laboratory maintains a working electron microscope laboratory (scanning EM and transmission EM).[13] Recently Mark Armitage and Kevin Anderson of the CRS[14] published their findings of soft tissues in Triceratops horn collected at the Hell Creek Formation in Glendive, MT.[15]

The Round Flat Earth

From: Redeeming Truth Libraries

The Bible & God

Image result for fake science

This book supplies a TON of facts and scientific evidence to support a round, flat & stationary earth.

Never Been a Real Photo!...

Image result for hegelian dialectic quotes

Theory of Relativity - Just that, a theory which has never been proven.

    Genius Nickolas Tesla, who attempted deliver our world Free Electricity technology, was attacked by the rich who suppressed his inventions. Nevertheless, Tesla retains the status of genius, and perchance the greatest scientist to ever have lived. Therefore, what did Tesla think about Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

[1]     Tesla, knew full-well it was nothing more than massive deception. He stated its mathematical formulas were out of touch with reality and designed to confuse the average person.

[2]      Within the pages of the Jewish Encyclopedia which, believe-it-or-not is considered one of their Holy Books, it mentions Einstein as a Triumph for their people. God forbid they contribute anything to the whole world and not just their own kind. Even worse, they're accomplishing deceiving the gentiles when utilizing the word, Triumph.

      More astonishingly, recent science combined with elevating intelligence and awareness of the public and men in scientific fields, has recently proven the Theory of Relativity to be all but false. It has always been presented in school systems, etc. but as paradigm shifts continually take too long to develop and occur within this field, now that we're aware this theory is garbage, (really intentional deception all along),  in many aspects of education it just now has begun to be fully taught and supported!   S.P.


If the above section on NASA fraud has failed to persuade you into perceiving it as an organization designed by deception for financial profit (Furthermore, designed by Nazi's who were masters of propaganda) than check-out this video above titled:

Aeon of Horus: NASA & the Occult

The facts concerning the Soviet Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl will astonishing those once blind but now having eyes to see and ears to hear.

Aeon of Horus: NASA & the Occult Pt. II

      Image result for aeon of horus pt 2

3.A  Over (falsified) Information

       By Losing the Power to halt the flow of so much info. now (web) - available to all people; Over-Info. Campaigns have begun to fool the people.













Science and the Occult: Where the Twain Meet

By David Grandy

From: https://www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/42-publications/quest-magazine/1250-science-and-the-occult-where-the-twain-meet

Originally printed in the JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2006 issue of Quest magazine.
Citation: Grandy, David. "Science and the Occult: Where the Twain Meet." Quest 94.1 (JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2006):13-17.

When I was in graduate school, one of my professors — an eminent historian of medieval science espoused in his lectures what one student affectionately tagged as "the Old Man River theory of scientific progress." The professor asserted that in his research he found no evidence of social or cultural factors impinging on the development of medieval science: driven purely by intellectual thought, the science "just kept rolling along." I suspect the professor would not have made this claim to a more sophisticated audience; although he had little patience with any attempt to explain science as nothing but a reaction to outside cultural forces, he was savvy enough to know that there is more to the story of science than just intellectual thought.

Like my professor, I enjoy science enough to see it as something truly remarkable. Perhaps, however, I am more inclined to admit that there is no clear line of demarcation between science per se and culture. Actually, this is not much of an admission: it has become a commonplace understanding among historians of science. Gone are the days that scholars of science portray it as humankind's sole instrument of truth in a confused and superstitious world. Despite this, many people still talk as if modern science is wholly distinct from and clearly superior to such traditions as alchemy, astrology, magic, Cabala, and nineteenth century Spiritualism. These movements, so this line of thought goes, have all been repudiated by science and are therefore intellectual dead ends.

This outlook is rendered problematic by historical scholarship (most of it in the last fifty years) that indicates complex and subtle interactions between now discarded beliefs and contemporary scientific principles. This is to say that scientific theories often emerge from circumstances that later may be seen as scientifically dubious. A case in point is Isaac Newton's law of universal gravity. The law, as presented in textbooks, consists of a straightforward factual statement (every body in the universe is attracted to every other with a force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them) and a matching mathematical equation. Given only this much, students reflexively assume that Newtonian physics is a world apart from alchemy or magic. After all, there is a conciseness and clarity to the theory that is rarely found in other domains of human experience, let alone in the murky depths of alchemy. One is surprised then to learn that Newton invested much time and energy seeking to produce the Philosopher's Stone, the ultimate aim of alchemy. What is more, this quest cannot simply be written off as an intellectual dead end because it appears to have played into Newton's scientific thinking, quite possibly into his theory of gravity (Westfall 1985).

Today alchemy is considered an occult pursuit, and it is hard to imagine how it may have once figured into Newton's formulation of universal gravity. What we tend to forget, however, is that while the law can be clearly and succinctly stated, it is not altogether obvious how gravity works. Most people today, following Newton, describe it as an action-at a distance force, but this introduces difficulties—at least it did for Newton. In explaining the tides, he proposed that the moon (and the sun) reaches across apparently empty space to tug on the earth. For some of his contemporaries, however, this explanation went nowhere because it afforded no understanding of the mechanism by which gravitational forces propagate. Indeed it introduced a puzzle for anyone (like René Descartes) wishing to evacuate the cosmos of non contact forces, the like of which bespoke astrological influences and alchemical sympathies and antipathies. Newton privately summed up his misgivings in this way:

That gravity should be innate, inherent, and essential to matter so that one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without the mediation of any thing else by and through which their action or force may be conveyed from one to another is to me so great an absurdity that I believe that no man who has in philosophical matters any competent faculty of thinking can ever Fall into it. (Westfall 1980)

Newton later defended his law of gravity by arguing that its validity is secured by observable phenomena—one can empirically test its predictions. However, he added, no one can discover its causes—why nature behaves this way—and in this sense only is the law "occult" (Westfall 1971). This admission speaks volumes about science (or, more generally, about the human intellect—the failing is not specific to science) and permits understanding of why occult or pseudoscientific practices often flourish side by side with science. For those who want to know the why of things or the ultimate causes, scientific theories do not quite close the explanatory circle. Arthur Schopenhauer faulted science on this score, noting that investigation of its theories recalls the experience of "somebody who unexpectedly finds himself in a group whose members systematically introduce each other as a friend or cousin, as if by doing so, they have sufficiently explained themselves; the visitor, however, though expressing pleasure with each introduction, has always the unexpressed question on his lips: "But how, the deuce, did I turn up among all these people?" (Schopenhauer 1966).

Over a hundred years ago, the young H.G. Wells, full of enthusiasm for science but sensing its limitations, stated:

Science is a match that man has just got alight. He thought he was in a room in moments of devotion, a temple and that his light would be reflected from and display walls inscribed with wonderful secrets and pillars carved with philosophical systems wrought in harmony. It is a curious sensation, now that the preliminary sputter is over and the flame burns up clear, to see his hands lit and just a glimpse of himself and the patch he stands on visible, and around him, in place of all that human comfort and beauty he had anticipated darkness still.

Wells did not mean to dismiss science; throughout the first half of the 20th century he was one of its leading advocates. He did, however, appreciate that while science has the capacity to improve human life in many ways, it also, as Wells' mentor T.H. Huxley put it, gives us a cosmos that "works through the lower nature of man, not for righteousness, but against it." In other words, a purposeless, uncaring, accidental cosmos: That is why, in Huxley's mind, science had the mandate of "building up an artificial world in the cosmos." The universe was neither congenial with nor sympathetic to humankind's interests; indeed, it had no capacity to be. As William James, a contemporary of Wells, noted at the turn of the twentieth century: "Nature has no one distinguishable ultimate tendency with which it is possible to feel a sympathy. In the vast rhythm of her processes, as the scientific mind now follows them, she appears to cancel herself."

When combined with the earlier thought that scientific explanations fail to offer ultimate answers, this consideration—that, as physicist Steven Weinberg insisted, the universe is "pointless"—makes it unsurprising that many people today, in their search for life clarifying meaning, look away from science. Of course, some scientists portray science as having religious value—thereby one reads God's Book of Nature—but since the Enlightenment this characterization has lost ground to the view that no human endeavor can publicly decide the question of God's existence or purpose. Implicit in this outlook is the positivistic intuition that science concerns the logical extraction of laws and predictive consequences from verifiable sense data. That is, science is a way of putting ourselves in a situation where hypotheses can be confirmed or rejected on the basis of procedures that keep one firmly anchored to physical facts and the unbiased analysis thereof. So disciplined, science presumably makes no unwarranted inferences or metaphysical leaps.

The positivistic outlook has now worn thin. There is, as Edwin Burtt put it in his 1920s critique of logical positivism, "no escape from metaphysics." Indeed, any escape attempt will be driven by considerations that open onto ultimately undecided issues of ontology and epistemology metaphysical considerations. Philosophically speaking, this fact blurs the line between science and the occult; historically speaking, the line has always been blurred.

Only since Newton have battle lines been drawn, for, as noted above, Newton was deeply involved in alchemy, not to mention biblical prophecy and symbolism. He believed, like Freemasons and Rosicrucian's since, that new knowledge issues up from older, larger understandings. But despite his immersion in what we now regard as occult or pseudoscientific pursuits, he spoke in a positivistic vein, implying that he had developed a method for reading the text of nature without metaphysical interpolation. Given the explanatory success of his science and the immense prestige it brought him, many came to regard Newtonian physics as a bulwark against what Freud later called "the black tide of mud . . . of occultism" (Jung 1963). This attitude, however, did not eliminate belief in the occult. For one thing, some who developed occult systems after Newton saw themselves as scientific pioneers à la Newton, and it is only in retrospect that their systems have been deemed occult. During the latter part of the eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century, Mesmerists conducted experiments, phrenologists subjected the human head to rigorous measurement, Spiritualists kept careful record of what occurred during seances, and all these groups invoked scientific terminology to report their findings.

What is more, many who worked in these movements had formal scientific training and a few were prominent scientists. Anton Mesmer earned his doctorate in medicine at the University of Vienna and, inspired by Newton's law of universal gravity, sought to harness a life force, putatively filling the cosmos, for healing purposes. William Crookes (discoverer of the element thalium and inventor of the Crookes tube), Oliver Lodge (knighted for his contributions to wireless telegraphy), and Arthur Russell Wallace (who independently formulated the theory of natural selection and co-announced it with Darwin) all affirmed the essential truth of Spiritualism, though they acknowledged that the movement had its share of charlatans. In their minds, Spiritualistic principles, far from contradicting science, were a welcome corrective to its bleak materialistic orientation. Moreover, the late nineteenth century discovery of X-rays and Becquerel rays (radioactivity) was taken by some as evidence of an unseen world of spirits existing just beyond the ken of our physical senses.

For many believers, Spiritualism held forth the heady prospect of demonstrating the reality of spiritual phenomena by scientific means. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for example, depicted Spiritualism as "infinitely the most important thing in the world" because it was "the first attempt ever made in modern times to support [religious] faith by actual provable fact." This sentiment is not unlike that expressed two centuries earlier by Joseph Glanvill when he portrayed scientific investigation of demons and witches as "a kinde of America," a new frontier of knowledge" (Clark 1999). Along with fellow scientists Robert Boyle and Henry More, Glanvill studied and theorized about witchcraft in the same way he did about the possibility of the vacuum, magnetic action at a distance, and the nature of light.

In the nineteenth century, perhaps no scientific theory sparked more occult thought than organic evolution. At first glance this is surprising, for organic evolution is often misconstrued as a counterweight to the idea that humankind has a divine origin. Nevertheless, the prospect of humankind's unlimited evolutionary ascent within the cosmos fired the imagination of scientist and occultist alike. On the one hand, the evolutionary process, being blind and non teleological, does not aim for improvement or perfection, let alone anything like salvation or immortality. But on the other, theorists often could not refrain from dramatizing it. In the closing paragraph of his Origin of Species, Charles Darwin insisted that "[t]here is a grandeur in this [evolutionary] view of life," and elsewhere he portrayed nature (i.e., natural selection) as "infinitely more sagacious than man" and "all seeing" and "infinitely wise" (Young 1985). Huxley, Darwin's "bulldog," equated evolution with "the cosmic process . . . it is full of wonder, full of beauty, and, at the same time, full of pain." The pain, however, could be blunted through the exercise of visionary evolution: thanks to Darwin, humankind could now knowingly evolve and thereby outmaneuver a great deal of unnecessary hardship and catastrophe. With this thought in mind and almost as if he were gazing into a crystal ball, H.G. Wells spelled out the promise of evolutionary biology:

We are creatures of the twilight. But it is out of our race and lineage that minds will spring, that will reach back to us in our littleness to know us better than we know ourselves, and that will reach forward fearlessly to comprehend this future that defeats our eyes.

All the world is heavy with the promise of greater things, and a day will come, one day in the unending succession of days, when beings, beings who are now latent in our thoughts and hidden in our loins, shall stand upon this earth as one stands upon a footstool, and shall laugh and reach out their hands amid the stars. (Wells 1914)

Given the ease with which it could be dramatized, evolutionary biology attracted occultists. The most notorious was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who co founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. Her books, Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888), blended religion (particularly Hinduism), contemporary science, and mythology into a seamless whole and opened up unsuspected vistas on the past and future. She spoke of cosmic cycles and the evolutionary ascent of "seven root races," the fifth of which is the human race. The whole process, she emphasized, was governed by the law of karma and therefore was not, as many scientists believed, random or mindless. Curiously, Blavatsky seems not to have expected most educated people to embrace her outlook, even after giving it a scientific gloss. Occult understanding, she declared, is reserved for the few, and most scientists—Darwin himself—failed to grasp the cosmic and spiritual import of the evolutionary drama. They saw the outer, naturalistic shell of that process but ironically missed its rich inner vibrancy--life itself.

Rudolf Steiner, an erstwhile Theosophist who went on to found Anthroposophy, similarly posited an evolutionary drama of cosmic proportions. His cosmology, like Blavatsky's, is complex, even dizzying, and reiterates ancient motifs now deemed occult or superstitious. Betraying a Pythagorean fondness for certain basic numbers, Steiner talked of the seven states of consciousness, the seven life kingdoms or conditions, the four elements, the three creative functions, the ten cabalistic sephiroth, the nine angelic orders, and so on. These orders, kingdoms, functions, and elements are linked to the planets or zodiacal constellations in a vast system of evolving consciousness. Like many other occultists at the turn of the twentieth century, Steiner felt that he was pulling back the curtain on materialistic science so that all could see its spiritual context.

Given its propensity to stretch the mind and summon up hope of improved if not fully transfigured living circumstances, science finds common cause with the occult. And while science may seek to distance itself from the occult, the gap between the two will never be clearly defined. To be sure, science may be delineated by its emphasis on objectivity, empirical data, and mathematics, but these characteristics merely mark a distinctive approach to nature: they do not decide what nature ultimately is or what it means. Answering these questions entails interpretative passage beyond secure scientific understandings, and here, in the realm of interpretation, science and the occult often reestablish contact.

A contemporary case in point is quantum physics. In the last century, probably no scientific development has sparked greater occult interest than quantum physics, but it is not because quantum physics explicitly points toward occult agencies or influences. It is because quantum physics, while affording incredibly accurate predictions about atomic phenomena, challenges traditional scientific assumptions about physical reality and thereby clears a space for renewed debate about a whole spectrum of issues: the nature of light, extrasensory perception, human free will, God's omniscience, and so on. Some of these issues will be deemed occult by scientific purists, but even they cannot escape the charge that their worldview is, at some level, interpretative or metaphysical. Albert Einstein understood this principle better than most: "physical [scientific] concepts," he wrote, "are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world." As long as the world remains open to pluralistic interpretation, science and the occult will enjoy uneasy companionship.
David Grandy is associate professor of philosophy at Brigham Young University. He is coauthor of Magic, Mystery, and Science: The Occult in Western Civilization (Indiana University Press, 2003). This essay originally appeared in the July/August 2004 issue of "Historically Speaking: The Bulletin of the Historical Society" (www.bu.edu/historic/hs/index.html ).

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Young, Robert. Darwin's Metaphor: Nature's Place in Victorian Culture. Cambridge University Press, 1985

Read Article at the bottom of the Page: Science and the Occult

marked by this symbol -


        One thing's for sure. If these men are correct concerning the Plasma model universe, NASA would never allow them to alter their paradigm; definitely not.

Heraclitus of Ephesus (540–475 BC) writes: “ _the thunderbolt steers the Universe”

Image result for black sun spot

Black Sun Spots

    Well, we know just by observing these black spots that the sun isn't a gigantic ball of fire, or it wouldn't have these black spots, period.

      A Star and hence our Sun, is an almost entirely ionized ball of plasma, consisting of electrons and ions, in which there is hardly any gas (neutral atoms). The movement of the plasma produces strong magnetic fields and corresponding electric currents.


           The Sun and stars consist of very little actual hydrogen and helium gas. Because the temperatures are so high, the atoms are nearly completely ionized into hydrogen ions and helium ions, ie. a plasma. These ions are quite different to the gaseous atoms, and behave quite differently. 

      NASA once released a photo of a black sun spot which appeared to be a 3d Tunnel sinking into the sun! This obviously couldn't occur in the middle of a magnanimous fire. Therefore, why don't they ever alter their outdated claims!

   What's occurring in these black tunnels, is the intake of electricity. The Sun's powering-up and placing a 5 million year age-limit on our sun is complete childish nonsense.

          Some people will argue against the Electric model of the cosmos. They'll state things such as 'it doesn't count for Black Holes.' Well, who can prove the existence of such a bold claim as a Black Hole? Sure, NASA's recovered Infrared data & photographs of Quasars, but this information doesn't sufficiently prove the existence of Black Holes. It's not even in close proximity to the data required to prove such a claim. Nobody has ever bore-witness to a Black Hole and probably nobody ever will see one.

Moriel Schottlender, of Popular Science says:

      "After returning from a trip to Egypt, Aristotle noted, “There are stars seen in Egypt and…Cyprus which are not seen in the northerly regions.” This phenomenon can only be explained if humans were viewing the stars from a round surface, Aristotle continued, claiming that the sphere of the Earth is “of no great size, for otherwise the effect of so slight a change of place would not be quickly apparent.” (De caelo, 298a2-10)

         The farther you go from the equator, the farther the "known" constellations go towards the horizon, to be replaced by different stars. This would not have happened if the world was flat."

Round Earther's vs. Flat Earther's

NASA/Samantha Cristoforetti,

     "The curvature of the Earth is visible in this 2014 photo, which ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti snapped from the International Space Station."

This Argumentative (above) point is a pointless argument:

         A Flat Earther clearly believes the Earth is stationary and the surrounding sky (stars) is moving (rotating). Perhaps, the stars are mere lights of another kind or they exist on a far smaller scale than NASA claims.

Earth from the ISS

Enough is Enough!

A round Earth supporter used this pic/comment (above) in their argument to prove the earth was round. Somebody who hasn't come to the realization that all NASA claims are bogus, will never comprehend anything truth concerning space.

 Conclusion: Both sides have strong arguments but primarily those involved

                         in the debate have performed little to none of their own research!

               Americans can be so ignorant. How can anyone argue against another without first listening to what they're claiming! It appears to me the Flat Earther's aren't merely claiming the Earth is Flat but desire arguing what ever evidence they and others can produce; without utilizing reports from NASA. It's clear the Flat Earther's disregard everything from NASA, and with the magnanimous lies told by NASA who can blame them; they have every right too. Therefore, the believers in the Globe Earth must use evidence they can produce outside of NASA and the HIGH PERCENTAGE of them cannot produce any evidence on their own....So what are they arguing? What are they laughing at? They're believing in the Globe model simply because some else has told them it exists. Now, that's fine if they choose to believe what someone claims, but if you're unable to produce your own evidence than stay-out of the debate!

Aristotle (who made quite a lot of observations about the spherical nature of the Earth),

       noticed that during lunar eclipses (when the Earth’s orbit places it directly between the Sun and the Moon, creating a shadow in the process), the shadow on the Moon’s surface is round. This shadow is the planet's, and it’s a great clue about the spherical shape of the Earth.

A Good Point:

      This here's a solid argument supporting the main stream belief of our Globe Earth.

International Space Station

Shadows & Sticks

      If you stick a stick in the (sticky) ground, it will produce a shadow. The shadow moves as time passes (which is the principle for ancient Shadow Clocks). If the world had been flat, then two sticks in different locations would produce the same shadow:

Plain Stupid:

      If the sun was moving,  circling  a round Flat Earth high in the sky, of 'course it would produce different shadows in disparate locations and over time.

The Electric Universe Alternative Model in 1080p

Forever Remain Mindful of Technology

None of these reasons (LEFT) prove Earth is a globe

  Why?     1. We don't know if we can walk on other planets. We don't know if they're anything like the earth. 2. The flat earth theory is also a round earth theory. Yes, it's fat, bu also round. The rectangle world maps found in school classrooms are misleading.

                   No Flat-Earther believes in a flat earth w/that rectangle shape where a person could literally "fall off the map' when walking off the edge; that's ridiculous. Yet, that flat 'round' earth map is interesting. Alike everything else in life or found in the Verity Outlet website - we must research things we don't believe to figure out whether we have enough information to reach our conclusion.

Also See Sun Spot's below

The Occult by the hand of devils, highly integrated into modern sciences...

Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion

Quite hard to believe this; these are amazing! Attached are pictures of the Shuttle Explosion from an Israeli Satellite in space.

Origins: These are not photographs of the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia, which broke up over the western United States during re-entry on 1 February 2003, killing all seven astronauts aboard. This is another example of still frames of movie effects being passed off as real photography.

These images are frames from the special effects-laden opening sequence of the 1998 whammy film Armageddon in which the Space Shuttle Atlantis is destroyed by the leading edge of debris from a comet-enclosed asteroid, thereby alerting NASA to the problem that an Earth-bound doomsday asteroid is a mere 18 days from smashing into our planet.

Even if these images were not recognizable as still frames from a theatrical movie, they could still be dismissed as “actual photographs of the Columbia‘s destruction” because:

The Columbia did not “explode” all at once as depicted here. It disintegrated over hundreds of miles as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and traveled across the western United States on approach to its scheduled landing site in Florida.

The images shown here depict a shuttle in orbit. The Columbia disaster occurred when the ship broke up while it was streaking through the atmosphere at 12,000 MPH during re-entry, well after it had left orbit.

There was no photographic instrument in space (on an “Israeli satellite” or elsewhere) trained on the shuttle at the right moment to capture the type of images shown here.

                                                                                                                                   By: David Mikkelson  (snopes.com)



🚀  Title: Epic View of Moon Crossing the Earth


Dr. Burznski's battle with the FDA, an evil organization ran by the most greedy of rich men, just like the AMA and the rest of the Big Pharmaceutical companies.

                  Also appears on Home Page News

Image result for ceceptive science

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The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical Science

A Historical and Critical Essay (1924) was written by the American philosopher Edwin Arthur Burtt

This (above) is an accurate scaled-down model of how our Earth & Moon would appear if the Moon was truly 240,000 mi. away from Earth.

Faith & Knowledge to Overcome... 13:22

            Erastosthenes of Cyrene (276 B.C.-195 B.C.) was a 3rd century B.C. Greek philosopher, mathematician, geographer, astronomer and poet. He was the third chief librarian at the great Alexandrian Library, as well as, discovering the earth’s axis by using shadows in Egypt. Furthermore, he presents an accurate prediction of the total length of the earths equator; which would come to 25,000 mi. An enormous figure it was, for the people of antiquity to process. His teachings this continued in Alexandria by men such as Athenagoras, a 2nd century philosopher, who was an Early Church Father and Christian apologist.

Furthermore, the Greek scholars Pythagoras claimed the planet is a sphere.


       Is it not basic logic that if our planet Earth was traveling as such in the video to the left separate from the other stars in the Milky Way that the night starts wouldn't forever appear as they do in the video above..?

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      When referring to President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal, Stephen Hawkings ridiculously stated,  

         "We are close to the tipping point, where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees [Celsius], and raining sulfuric acid", Hawkings told BBC News.


"I find it improbable that such order came from chaos. There has to be some organizing principle. God to me is a mystery, but the explanation for the miracle of existence, why there is something instead of nothing."

➖ Allan Sandage (1926-2010) One of the Founders of Modern Astronomy

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Did We Truly Visit the Moon?

Visit the *New Pg. 3.2 Apollo Missions Explained

Did We Truly Visit the Moon?

Visit the *New Pg. 3.2 Apollo Missions Explained